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Friday, 24 June 2011

Busy, busy dissertation time

                                                                                      (image from: Destination360)

Hi everybody. My apologies to all readers of this blog for not updating it for so long. It's not because I am indulging in summertime's pleasures, but I'm quite busy writing a dissertataion about the reputation of Public Relations in one of the Eastern European countries.

So far I've interviewed the top class of PR practitioners, journalists and academics in PR field, to get a 360 degree perspective from the most reputable sources.

I promise the work will unveil many interesting mechanisms of 'making communications' in that specific part of the world and will serve as an aid and guaidlines for those willing to enter their business in that particular region.


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  2. I like your articles specially on Public Relation, I do believe you have learned lots of new things while interviewed top class of PR agencies and academics in PR field. Make an effective communication shows great impact on your audience and looking forward to see more articles that will unveil mechanisms of making communications. Good Luck.